Terms and Conditions

Ownership of work

Rights: All corporate identity and branding products provided by Web People Media shall be for the exclusive use of the client except for Web People Media’s promotional use, such as portfolio work and examples. Following payment in full, reproduction rights for all final corporate identity and branding products shall be granted to the client:

  • Rights to brand identity
  • Reproduction of work such as logos, taglines, and associated branding typography through commercial printers, on websites, etc.

Ownership: Except for the case of corporate identity and branding, for which the client shall be entitled to full ownership of all final artwork upon full payment of the agreed upon fee, all creative work produced by Web People Media remains under our copyright, with perpetual use granted to the client of the work in its delivered form, unless another agreement is explicitly written and signed by both parties.


Clients are responsible for all content, including photos, graphics, written copy, and related media, unless the contract specifies that the given content will be created by us. Clients are also responsible for delivering the content by established deadlines to maintain the project timeline. If a deadline is at risk, Web People Media will communicate with the client on risk of slippage.

Clients should expect to pay for any photos or artwork that are not already owned by the client; stock photo/art services are available on the web. Web People Media can create custom artwork or refer you to the appropriate person for custom photography. Web People Media will not work with copyrighted or plagiarized content, or any content that is not owned or legally obtained by the client. If the client furnishes Web People Media with such content for which the client has not obtained rights, and Web People Media unwittingly uses it, any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for compensation to the rightful owner of said content shall be entirely upon the client to furnish, and Web People Media will be entirely freed of such obligation.

Additional Services

Third party contracts: Web People Media may contract with other creative professionals to provide services such as photography, videography, programming, and illustration. Any third party terms and conditions will include the same reproduction rights for the client that Web People Media provides. Where such contracting adds to the project cost, the client will be consulted with a Change Order before proceeding.

Revisions/Changes to Project Scope: Changes to projects and revisions are subject to additional cost. Clients will be consulted before proceeding on any requests, or necessary scope revisions due to unforeseen circumstances, that will incur additional cost, unless an arrangement is agreed-upon by both parties to work at an hourly rate on an ongoing list of adapting requests.

Delivery conditions

Project delivery terms are estimates and may be subject to change. If additional revisions, requests, and requirements are made by the client, or if additional work is uncovered in the process of discovery (such as while redesigning a website, repairing broken code, training clients, or otherwise performing work that comes with a high degree of variance, the client is to understand that the project timeline may be extended based on these circumstances, and the project may incur additional cost.


Web People Media can be reached by email at any time (please allow 24 hours for a response) and by telephone Monday thru Friday from 9am and 5pm PST. Please do not text Web People Media unless you have a website that is literally down (nonfunctioning). Text communication is difficult to save, and it benefits both parties to maintain records of communications.


Web People Media does not share your information with third party vendors. However, in cases where it benefits the client directly, Web People Media may share needed information and site access with programmers, web hosting support staff, or others who are joining us in solving issues on your behalf. In such cases, the slient will be informed of such need as it arises.


The client shall inform Web People Media in writing before project work commences if any portion of materials, information, or other content provided by the client is confidential.


Web Peoples Media’s regular rate is required for an initial one-hour consultation. This fee will be refunded following completion of either a total of $300 worth of work (in the case of hourly), or at the time of payment for any project valued at $300 or more.

Web People Media will provide the client with an estimate following the initial consultation, where the scope of work is agreed to be defined in this manner. There is no refund of the initial consultation fee for clients who decide after receiving the estimate that they do not wish to pursue the project.

The client will make a 50 percent down payment prior to project work commencing. The project can be scheduled once the down payment is received. The down payment is non-refundable. The remaining balance is payable to Web People Media upon completion of the project, and before original artwork or a live website is supplied to the client.

All initial invoices are subject to payment on receipt: invoices must be paid five days from the date of the invoice, unless other payment terms are arranged. Clients with large billing departments, who process purchase orders, may apply for Net 30 terms.

Delayed Payment

If, after the project has commenced, subsequent invoices are not paid within 30 days, a 5 percent “delayed payment” fee will be charged. This initial 5 percent figure will be added upon each recurring 30 day period until the full amount has been received by the designer.


If, after project commencement, client communication (face-to-face, telephone, or email) stops for a period of 180 days, the project can be cancelled, in writing, by Web People Media and ownership of all copyrights shall be retained by Web People Media. A cancellation fee for work completed shall be paid by the client, with the fee based on the stage of project completion. The fee will not exceed 100 percent of the total project cost.

Travel time and expenses

Terms for long range travel by representatives of Web People Media to meet with or otherwise work with clients shall be compensated on a case-by-case basis. If you wish for us to travel outside our service area to consult with you, billing for travel will typically be half our consultation hourly rate.

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