Social Media Management

Need to monitor, track, and improve your presence on social media? Yes, you absolutely do.

Social presence—reviews, tweets, posts, and the ongoing sea of social commentary—shapes the business marketing landscape more than any other force. Failing to respond, or responding incorrectly to customer reviews or tweets can be dangerous, if not deadly. Building positive community around your brand while remaining essentially non-promotional is an art that takes some practice.

But never fear, we are here…

What We Offer

Doing nothing, you leave nothing undone

The Taoists of ancient China had a concept, “Wu Wei,” which means non-doing, and is regarded as a central component to the “way” of Tao. The essence of Wu Wei’s power is in remaining natural and effortless, creating a presence of authority that is free of any artifice. This is exactly what is needed in your social media presence. The moment you are seen trying to promote yourself you lose your luster in the eyes of the spin-weary online social world. The key to mastery in the realm of social media is therefore Wu Wei—do nothing, leaving nothing undone.

Of course, you can’t really do nothing, because then you would have no presence at all, and you do need a presence. In fact, among those who matter to your business—your potential customers and your peers—you need a kind of ubiquity.

So how to create this constant presence while appearing to do nothing? Web People Media can help with that!

We will design a social media strategy complete with automated link (Open Graph) content from your website, a plan for integrating your brand, an analysis of which social networks your potential customers may already dwell in, and more.

Need help posting and monitoring responses? Web People media can do that, too. We will combine your digital media assets, such as video, photos, and other branded content, with regular updates that add value to your presence and build your online community while remaining in the non-promotional spirit of Wu Wei.

So many networks, so little time

Choosing the right networks and the right strategies is as important as it is overwhelming. Web People Media would like to help you get it right so you’re not making extra work for yourself, but you still get the job done.

Web People Media will help you to:

  • Choose the right networks for your business.
  • Choose the best tools for monitoring and responding to your communities.
  • Choose a consistent and effective branding presence and voice.
  • Build a simple and powerful social media strategy.
  • Master the art of social media Wu Wei–outwardly doing nothing, while leaving nothing undone.

The selfless selfie

How can you at once be highly noticed and avoid looking needy? Or be both an authority and an exaggeration of yourself? How can you remain inclusive while setting needed boundaries around time management? And remain authentic while carefully measuring and monitoring your responses? This is the artful aspect of designing your online persona. You have to sell yourself, but you can’t appear salesy. It sounds hard, but yet some people are masters at this elusive art. What’s their secret?

Web People Media can teach you the skills that make this balancing act feel natural and effortless. Learn the right way to be social online, and you will build a powerful brand and a loyal community of followers.

The full measure of your giving

The value added by a presence on social media can sometimes be hard to assign a number to. Look closer, though, and you’ll see plenty of traditional conversion goals addressed by your social media efforts. So not only are you getting all these intangibles, which do help your bottom line sometimes in ways you never directly see, but also you can more directly calculate returns from goals like:

  • New followers
  • Clicks through to your site or landing page
  • Direct purchases
  • Filled out contact forms
  • Email list optins
  • Content downloads
  • Content pins & shares
  • Product pins & shares
  • Direct product or brand engagement
  • Direct leads

Web People Media can help you plan and monitor your ROI goals and achievements—both the tangible and the intangible—in the social space, so you know just what you’re getting for your time and money.

  • Integrity 100%
  • Choices 99%
  • Design 89%
  • ROI 84%

Highly recommended! Web People Media is an excellent choice if you want a custom WordPress website with more than just basic blogging features. They’ve designed four websites for me so far and I’m more than satisfied. Web People Media does it all, from helping you choose your customizable template to custom web forms and logins, email marketing, online training videos, ecommerce, integrating shopping carts, PayPal and QuickBooks, social media, photo editing, copy writing, branding, designing logos, video work, graphic design, writing code, SEO, etc.

- Kat L.

Clinically Clear®

I will never forget the day I found Web People Media and Leha Carpenter. I think it might have been divine intervention. From the get-go, Leha understood and supported the larger context of my work at Lightcap Farm and Publishing Company. She built me a gorgeous website, redefining the limits and scope of WordPress as I understood it. More importantly, she efficiently taught me how to manage the site’s day-to-day operations, something that is not intuitive for me. Now that I’m up and running, Leha monitors my site and intervenes and trouble shoots as necessary. She also helps me launch new projects within the site. Most recently, I’ve been working with Leha on the design for our first book. She is funny, savvy, patient, and wise. At this point, I can’t imagine what work would be without her!

- Carolyn C.

Lightcap Farm

Web People Media designed four highly customized WordPress sites, mobile websites and a blog for my businesses. They also designed logos, watermarks, t shirts, banners, twitter cards, business cards, fliers, and other business marketing items for our Cali K9® and California K9 Solutions® brands. We’re extremely pleased with the quality of Leha Carpenter’s graphic design and writing skills, WordPress training and website design, software technical know-how, and customer service skills. Highly recommended!

- Jas L.

Cali K9®

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